Reason of Traveling

7 Reason Why You Should Plan Your Travelling to Budapest

Budapest is the capital of the Hungarian country located in eastern Europe. Although this country is not the most popular destination visited by tourists, don’t take this country out of your list because the millions of wonders and beauty and uniqueness offered here are truly extraordinary. And Budapest as the capital of Hungary itself will surely give a new experience to all of you who want to go to tourist destinations that can provide memories also beautiful and memorable experiences. Here we will share with you all about the beauty of Budapest and what are the reasons that make you obliged to visit this beautiful city.

  1. Budapest is one of the most historical cities in the world. Budapest is a city with a long history and is recognized by the world. Even for a world-class institution such as UNESCO, recognize the long history that this city has. This city is a combination of two cities that have important world history, both cities are the city of Buda and the city of pest. The two cities are separated by the Danube river which passes through the heart of the city of Budapest. And now the two cities are united to become Budapest which is a blend of history and beauty of Hungary.
  2. The Amazing Architecture of the City In this city of Budapest, you will be astonished and will be stunned by the architectural design that is owned by buildings in this city. Because the architecture that is owned by the city of Budapest is a blend of various elements including the elements of architecture from Roman, Gothic, and also Turkey. This mixing architecture style makes buildings in the city of Budapest into a beautiful building that has many cultural elements and also a combination of classical elements and romance.
  3. Super Delicious Traditional Food Culinary, yes of course this is one of the reasons for various people to go and make this city into an option to take a vacation and spend time with family and loved ones. In Budapest, culinary itself is one of its mainstays, and the history of culinary culture in Budapest has been hereditary for centuries and remains a favorite in eastern Europe. Here there are many food markets, where residents will mingle with immigrants and together will shop for daily necessities and enjoy typical culinary delicacies and also a variety of typical Hungarian foods.
  4. The Spa that will make your stress and pain go away There is a saying in Budapest that says wherever we dig, we got hot water from there. Yes, the saying is not just a saying, but a truth that occurs in the city of Budapest. In this city, there are many hot springs and spa, and you can relax in this hot spring pool with residents of various ages. Because this hot shower has become part of the tradition of the population of Budapest of all ages. People here believe that when you bath in this hot water, all the pain and stress you have will go away.
  5. The City with the lowest rate in Europe It turns out that if we want to enjoy the beauty of the city of Budapest we do not need to get at a high price, because the city which is referred to as Paris’s Eastern Europe turned out to be the city with the lowest rates in all of Europe to visit. So that makes tourists want to visit this city more. Not only lowest rate for currency, they also offer lowest rate handicap sportsbook games. Thats why Indonesian called in the agen sbobet terbaik (best agent sportsbook) in this country. Many dealer are centralized in this country.
  6. Wine Heaven for all of you who like wine, you must visit Budapest. Because in this city you can find a lot of variety of wine, and of course it at a low price too. There is also a place to try the quality of wine in this city, located under the labyrinth of the Budapest castle. Is this city very interesting isn’t it? Come on visit this city with your beloved ones and you will never regret it. Because of the beauty and the magnet from this city.

The Apartment

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Apartment in Hungary

We also give you some list for your holiday or stay for few days in each city.


As a main city of tourists destination, Budapest offer so many type place of living. With beautiful mix architecture from baroque, neoclassical, art nouveau. Offering fascinating place in the city makes you feel excited. Here are some place to live in Budapest.

7season apartment

Featuring 24 hours, you may choose 1-3 bedroom apartment. Located in the center of Budapest, near to public transportation. This also feature kitchen that allow you to prepare your own meal.

Bassilica apartment

What makes so special about this is the view from the room is direct to basilica. With fully equipment like tv, shower, wifi access makes you really comfort to this apartment.

Vagabond apartment

This apartment located in pest region, 1 km from National Museum, Great Market Hall and 16 km to liszt airport. This accommodation have standard facilities like private bathroom with bath or shower, also microwave and fridge.


One of the most popular city in Hungary, located in southwest. The city has history value and interesting archaeological to explore. This are some property you may rent.

Mediterann apartman

Located near to 1.3 km from Zsolnay Culture Quarter and 2.2km from UNESCO World heritage Cella Septichora Visitor Center. This property also have garden and free private parking.

Zsinko Villa

Located near downtown 2.2km from candlemas church of blessed virgin mary and 2.3km from pecs cathedral. Each unit equipped with fully furnished and kitchen.


This city nickname is “city of sunshine” due to beautiful weather. Located in southeast along Tisza river. A lot of garden and park, also this city play as economic, study and cultural center. You can find so many bar, café, and beautiful nightlife. This city is 3rd biggest city in Hungary.

Tiszavirag Szeged

Is a historical apartment you may rent. With offering facilities like wellness facility, wifi, and restaurant, spa & sauna. Located in central of the city, near to Dom Square & Aquapolis thermal bath.

Stefania Studio Apartmanok

Located 1.2km from votive church Szeged, near to national theatre,paprika museum and new synagoque. This apartment offer parquet floors, coffee machine, shower, also has sauna.

Architecture and Building

Hungarian Architecture from Time to Time

Hungarian Building

Hungarian architecture is really strong and has characteristic. Influenced by so many factor such as renaissance, gothic, modernization, even factor like islamic and christianity architecture. World war also make important role in architecture.
In 10th century, King Stephen I played dominant role on architecture. He send many Italian and roman craftsman to build basilica. One of the largest build was Basilica of the assumption of the blessed virgin marry at that time. Later Hungarian Romanesque style were introduced in Pecs cathedral building architecture, it’s mixed style from Hungarian with byzantine and roman architecture.

In 11th century, the art of Hungarian architecture were more complex. During King Bella III, Hungarian architecture influenced by byzantine and French. It may be found in Eztergom, a city that located 46km from Budapest had similar design to Constantinople.

Following era, Contemporary of gothic style were spread across majority of Europe. It can be found in Zirc Abbey, Pilis Abbey. Building style were so much different from others. Gothic style were spread in 13th century. Usually the building has inner space, lord’s choir, no pillar on the outside. But unfortunately, some construction were interrupted when Mongolian invasion.

Renaissance were introduced in 15th century. Replacing gothic architecture, Hungarian renaissance mostly came from French-German style spread through nobility and priest also political reason. Hungarian renaissance divided into 3 periods, early, mature, and late renaissance period. Early renaissance building can be seen on Matthias palace, the royal palace of Visegard, villa of nyek. Design usually has façade, decorative motives, window and door. New style appeared on transdanubia, Salaj, ciuc mountains, and alba lulia cathedral (St. Michael cathedral now in Romania). Mature and late renaissance can be seen on Bakocz chapel.

Ottoman architecture also played role in Hungarian architecture history. For example mosque of pasha qasim in pecs, some public spa like rudas bath.

In early 19th century, Hungarian architecture adopted classical type. Building with mostly pillar on the outside, can be found in eztergom basilica.

Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian Cuisines Explained

Hungarian cuisines are mostly came from Magyar traditional tribe. Primarily based on seasonable vegetables, meats, fruits, breads, dairy product, cheeses. Majority Hungarian cuisines are based on European continent and eastern type. It uses poppy, kefir, quark, paprika, pepper as daily ingredients. Taste almost similar to neighboring West Slavic. Meat usually use chicken, pork, beef, other like duck, turkey, fish are eaten on special occasion. Hungary also famous for high quality meat, salami, sausages with inexpensive price.

Baked goods or breads are often as side or main dish. It can be pastry, buns, both can be salty or sweet, some filled with personal creation. Baked goods was a staple food before fall of communism in 90’s. Traditional food in Hungary usually don’t offer to tourist, because less attractive look and have strong taste and smell. But in recent years, Hungarian chefs make it more creative looking and unique style of preparation.

Hungarian Food

Hungarian commonly offer main and side dish. Side dish usually potato prepared in different styles, some vegetables, bread, and rice. Spices is main ingredient for mostly food in Hungary, for example bay leaf, paprika, coriander, garlic, cinnamon, oregano, poppy seeds, vanilla, black peppercorn, thyme, white peppercorn, rosemary, nutmeg. They do not usually eat spicy things like hot chili peppers, hot chili peppers is usually as a garnish. Food are just mild.

These are example of Hungarian cuisines

Goulash, type of soup or stew with pork or lamb meat with garlic, caraway seed, and sometimes with wine. It don’t rely thickness from flour but gelatin come from meat itself.

Halazsle, or fisherman soup. It is mixed river ship ( carp, catfish, perch or pike ) with full of paprika spice makes this dish look bright red color.

Langos is deep fried flat bread or dough with endless choice of topping, can be sour cream, cheese, dice meat, garlic, dried fruits. It’s actually originated from turkey.

Toltott Kaposzta is rice and meat stuffed cabbage, cook with sour cream.

Chicken paprikas, a chicken meal cooked with paprika-infused roux served with nokedli ( dumpling style pasta )

The Facts


Hungary is a country in central Europe. Located between Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, and Romania makes Hungary is a unique country. Budapest is their capital city now mostly appear in box office movies. Hungary has a lot of historic value & story.

Don't clink beer in hungary

Every story has it’s own facts. We will tell every single fact.

Don’t clink your beer! That’s what they say, it might consider rude act. Story was In 1848 Hungarian revolution against Habsburgs, 13 generals were clink their beer after each execution. So Hungarian promise won’t clink for 150 years.

Magic number is 96. Hungarian believe their country was developed in 896, Budapest’s metro were build in 1896. So the law in Budapest are building not exceed 96 feet, Hungarian national anthem also 96 sec long if in proper tempo.

Magic water. Approximately 1.500 thermal spring can be found in Hungary, around 450 spot of natural hot spring and spa are available. Spa-bathing culture was start from Roman era. Thermal spring contain sulfuric water that believe can heal rheumatic, aches and pains.

Olympic second most gold medals. Around 450 gold medals were achieved. Hungary once banned from Olympic games in 1920 and join with soviet in 1984. Water polo is their national sports. Hungary have grandmaster of female chess , Judit Polgar she only 15 years old that time.

Full of Inventors. You may not hear the names but things they did is must be familiar to your ear. For example rubic cube, thermographic camera, ballpoint pen, holography, helicopter.

Hardest and trickiest language. A study found that Hungarian language came from Magyar tribes, ancestor from central asia. Some believe came from Finno-Ugrian family. It has 44 letters.

Paprika lovers. Hungarian has a lot of spices, but they mostly love is paprika. Hungary produce 1.000 ton of spices but majority percentage is paprika. Also have paprika museum in Szeged and Molnar.

Traditional Liquor also national liquor name is Palinka, it believe can cure all ills. Include menstrual pain, headache. As they saying “small amount of medicine, in large of remedy”. Hungary also the world first official wine region. Famous brand is King Karoly, produced 120 years earlier.

The History

Explanation of Hungary

Hungary is one of country located in Europe and capital city is Budapest. Hungary is a country that don’t have sea area, and the region is between Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, and Slovakia. Territory is on center of Europe and coordinate is Longitude 16°-23° and Latitude 45°-49°.

Saint Stephen Statue

Once upon a time, Hungary was a kingdom country, one of the leader is Saint Stephen I made this country a strong castle to battling with Turkish kingdom that was led by the empire of Utsmaniyah (ottoman). But unfortunately, in 1947 to 1989 Hungary was fell into vigorous of Communist party. In 1989 Hungary became a country in democratic system.

President is country leader with prime minister as assistant. President can be elected through parliament in Hungary, but prime minister chosen from President’s recommendation. Period time of office will be 5 years with 5 years extend allowed if chosen again. Hungarian Parliament composed from 199 chairman and have period of time in 4 years.

Hungary Textile Product

Hungary is one of the advanced country in the world. Hungary are producing and famous of Building material industry, textile, vehicle factory, mining, food processing, metallurgy process, chemical, and more others. In 2017, Hungary has economic growth about 3.2%. This country embrace central economy system, it because adhere to soviet union from previous economy style.

Hungary have territory area about 93.028 km2 and population about 9.850.845. Hungary has bigger death rate rather than birth rate. In 2017, this country has decrease population about 0.25%, this affected total population. Independence day in 16 November 1918 and majority religion is catholic rome.

Hungarian language is one of hardest and difficult country in the world. Their language is believe come from Asia and called Uralic. People known of Uralic also are came from Magyar tribe. This language was affected with german language. Only 13 million people were specialized on this particular language.