Facts You Need to Know About Hungary

The Facts

Facts You Need to Know About Hungary

Hungary is a country in central Europe. Located between Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, and Romania makes Hungary is a unique country. Budapest is their capital city now mostly appear in box office movies. Hungary has a lot of historic value & story.

Don't clink beer in hungary

Every story has it’s own facts. We will tell every single fact.

Don’t clink your beer! That’s what they say, it might consider rude act. Story was In 1848 Hungarian revolution against Habsburgs, 13 generals were clink their beer after each execution. So Hungarian promise won’t clink for 150 years.

Magic number is 96. Hungarian believe their country was developed in 896, Budapest’s metro were build in 1896. So the law in Budapest are building not exceed 96 feet, Hungarian national anthem also 96 sec long if in proper tempo.

Magic water. Approximately 1.500 thermal spring can be found in Hungary, around 450 spot of natural hot spring and spa are available. Spa-bathing culture was start from Roman era. Thermal spring contain sulfuric water that believe can heal rheumatic, aches and pains.

Olympic second most gold medals. Around 450 gold medals were achieved. Hungary once banned from Olympic games in 1920 and join with soviet in 1984. Water polo is their national sports. Hungary have grandmaster of female chess , Judit Polgar she only 15 years old that time.

Full of Inventors. You may not hear the names but things they did is must be familiar to your ear. For example rubic cube, thermographic camera, ballpoint pen, holography, helicopter.

Hardest and trickiest language. A study found that Hungarian language came from Magyar tribes, ancestor from central asia. Some believe came from Finno-Ugrian family. It has 44 letters.

Paprika lovers. Hungarian has a lot of spices, but they mostly love is paprika. Hungary produce 1.000 ton of spices but majority percentage is paprika. Also have paprika museum in Szeged and Molnar.

Traditional Liquor also national liquor name is Palinka, it believe can cure all ills. Include menstrual pain, headache. As they saying “small amount of medicine, in large of remedy”. Hungary also the world first official wine region. Famous brand is King Karoly, produced 120 years earlier.