Hungarian Cuisines Explained

Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian Cuisines Explained

Hungarian cuisines are mostly came from Magyar traditional tribe. Primarily based on seasonable vegetables, meats, fruits, breads, dairy product, cheeses. Majority Hungarian cuisines are based on European continent and eastern type. It uses poppy, kefir, quark, paprika, pepper as daily ingredients. Taste almost similar to neighboring West Slavic. Meat usually use chicken, pork, beef, other like duck, turkey, fish are eaten on special occasion. Hungary also famous for high quality meat, salami, sausages with inexpensive price.

Baked goods or breads are often as side or main dish. It can be pastry, buns, both can be salty or sweet, some filled with personal creation. Baked goods was a staple food before fall of communism in 90’s. Traditional food in Hungary usually don’t offer to tourist, because less attractive look and have strong taste and smell. But in recent years, Hungarian chefs make it more creative looking and unique style of preparation.

Hungarian Food

Hungarian commonly offer main and side dish. Side dish usually potato prepared in different styles, some vegetables, bread, and rice. Spices is main ingredient for mostly food in Hungary, for example bay leaf, paprika, coriander, garlic, cinnamon, oregano, poppy seeds, vanilla, black peppercorn, thyme, white peppercorn, rosemary, nutmeg. They do not usually eat spicy things like hot chili peppers, hot chili peppers is usually as a garnish. Food are just mild.

These are example of Hungarian cuisines

Goulash, type of soup or stew with pork or lamb meat with garlic, caraway seed, and sometimes with wine. It don’t rely thickness from flour but gelatin come from meat itself.

Halazsle, or fisherman soup. It is mixed river ship ( carp, catfish, perch or pike ) with full of paprika spice makes this dish look bright red color.

Langos is deep fried flat bread or dough with endless choice of topping, can be sour cream, cheese, dice meat, garlic, dried fruits. It’s actually originated from turkey.

Toltott Kaposzta is rice and meat stuffed cabbage, cook with sour cream.

Chicken paprikas, a chicken meal cooked with paprika-infused roux served with nokedli ( dumpling style pasta )