Unique and Unusual Places You Can Visit While in Hungaria

Unique Places in Hungary

Unique and Unusual Places You Can Visit While in Hungaria

There are many great things to do while in Hungary, from wine sipping to sightseeing in the capital, Budapest. Apart from that, this country also has unique and strange. The following are unique and unusual things that exist in Hungary.

Busójárás festival in Mohács

Each February, in the city of Mohács in southern Hungary, this particular festival aim of chasing winter and welcoming Spring. The festival also has historical roots, where it was once held to commemorate the returning of the Mohács to the city after being engaged by Turkish. The festival is held for 6 days, during which men in creepy masks parade around the city accompanied by folk music.

Bokod floating house

This beautiful floating village you can find on Bokodi Lake and it’s a favorite spot for sightseeing and photo selfies for the last few years. Even so, this place is still preserved and will be interesting. The houses are occupied only in the summer. Even so, this lake does not freeze during winter because it is close to a power plant.

Bory’s Manor

Made by architect, Jenő Bory also a sculptor in 20th-century, the castle was build in honor of Bory’s wife, she is a painter, Ilona Komocsin. Assembling began in the 1920s and was completed in 1959. The castle was built in a mix of concept styles ranging from Gothic to Roman. The castle is also a gallery showcasing the pursue of both Jenő Bory and Ilona Komocsin, also several artists who will give you an amazing experience.

Palóc village

The village is home to a modest group of indigenous Hungarians who lived in the northern, the Palóc live in a unique traditional way. These ancient ways of life have been live a long and preserved, from folk arts to festivals, agriculture to architecture. Visiting des aini is guaranteed to give you an experience like no other.

Memorial Recsk

Beneath by the Communist rule, which colonized Hungary between the 1950s-1990s, Gulags and labor camps were settled. One of the camps is located near the isolated village in the district of Recsk and has earned prominence as one of the baddest camps in Hungarian history. The camp, which operated from 1950-1953, was used as a jail for civil prisoners and political concern. Those bad days are now over, now this miserable camp is a museum devoted to the memory of history. The Recsk consecrative will give visitors an experience to share the pain that happened in the past.

Patikamúzeum (The Black Eagle Museum of Pharmacy)

Founded in the Ex-Hungarian major city of Székesfehérvár, the historical pharmacy born in 1688 and it is the city’s oldest pharmacy. In the 1700s it became under the society of Jesuit ownership and decorated in the grotesque style. In 1774, ownership has changed and operated as pharmacy, until finally ceasing operations in 1971. It is now remodeled and it’s now open for the public who want to study about its diverse history. Apart from the pharmacy exhibition, this place also exhibits artworks and carvings.